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santaWe offer Free Delivery and accept Cash on Delivery.

You are not obligated to part with any of your money unless your are 100% happy with your chosen bed

We are an online business just like Takelot and Amazon. We operate from our warehouse in Kya Sand.  We do not have a showroom.  We do not have traditional premises or the expenses associated with them.

Choose the perfect bed for your home. It is true; “You must always have a good mattress and good shoes, as when you’re not on one, you are on the other!” Old Irish proverb

The following bed sizes are available:

92 cm × 188 cm
107 cm × 188 cm
137 cm × 188 cm
152 cm × 188 cm
183 cm × 188 cm (equals two single mattresses)
Beds are also available in extra length, which is 200 cm.

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