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Human beings spend more than 30% of their lifetime sleeping. Since sleeping is such an integral part of our lives, we believe beds should be affordable. Beds and couches are not unaffordable luxuries that are reserved for the Elite. We aim to provide quality beds to all the people of Gauteng. We offer Free Delivery of affordable, quality beds straight to your door.

We are an online furniture store that offers superior quality beds for sale and couches, corner units and lounge suites for sale.  We do not have traditional premises of the expenses associated with them.  Thus we can offer Gauteng affordable beds, couches, corner units and lounge suites delivered straight to the consumer.

We also accept Cash on Delivery.  You are not obligated to part with any of your money unless you are 100% happy and satisfied with your chosen bed, couch, corner unit or lounge suite.  Here you will find the best selection of single beds for sale, three quarter beds for sale, double beds for sale, queen beds for sale and king beds for sale.


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Our Best Selling Beds

    • Rest Easy Kalahari King Bedking bed

      Read More

    • Rest Easy Desert Storm Double BedThumbRead More

    • Rest Easy Desert Storm Single Bedthree quart thumbRead More


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